Save your time
and money!

Retail business owner!
Reduce your expense up to 20%!

Scandpay is...

a platform which helps customers and business to improve service.

With Scandpay the customer can scan the barcode of the product and pay for it immediately in the store, avoiding long lines.

We will take care with self checkout. You only need to observe it.

No more queuing! Easy shopping!

Cashierless shops will help owners reduce costs on staff, focus on other segments of sales and attract new customers.

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to integrate (provide product info)
  • Get payments and know your customer

Scandpay App

Just scan and buy

  1. The customer
    scans barcode,
    adds product to cart

  2. Makes payment and gets receipt into email

  3. If needed shows it to security


Business account

Thanks to Scandpay, you can reduce costs on staff as well as increase the sales area occupied by the cashier's counter. Submit additional products and get more income!

In your scandpay personal account, you can add and set up stores. A simple form of integrating your products with barcodes will help you easily see the history of sales and returns, as well as the company's balance.


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Balance and withdraw
Your goods and products
Daily sales and returns
Customer info

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